982 Blood Diamond

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After laughing, Remonin suddenly grew serious.

He looked at Li Du with honest eyes and said, "You may look down upon me, Mr. Li, but

I can get in touch with them. I already have."

Li Du was frowning. If Remonin could contact any big diamond import and export

company and get a valuation, but the other side did not cooperate successfully with him,

it could only mean that his diamonds were problematic.

The diamonds in his hand must be blood diamonds!

The diamonds on Remonin's property were blood diamonds, also known as black

diamonds, so no wonder he had trouble selling them off.

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Many people around the world already knew the meaning of the term 'blood diamonds'.

In many parts of Africa, diamond mining has been carried out in the most brutal, bloody,

and barbaric way.

This process consisted of unethical practices, from the excavation of diamonds to

exporting them to the international market.

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