1072 Big Brother

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Just like Li Du had seen on TV, the prison guards distributed the daily essentials to

them and then sent them to their separate cells.

As a rule, people who came in together were separated. The four of them were taken to

different cells.

A dignified-looking black prison guard took Li Du to Cell B.

The section was a simple block of cells, something like a crude version of a hotel, with

rooms next to each other.

In order to facilitate supervision, the door of the cell was made of iron bars. Li Du looked

inside and saw that it was about 20 square meters. There were bunk beds like in his

middle school, toilets, and bookshelves.

They were brought in at midnight. The prisoners were sleeping, but when they saw the

guards come in with flashlights, they knew that mew prisoners had arrived. At once,

there were prisoners who got to the cell door and knocked.

Bang bang bang... sounded the noise.

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