186 Big Brother’s Rage

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Having promised Li Du, Marlin immediately ordered his men, "Black Leopard, go check the cameras; Dutas, go settle with those two women…"

A dark-skinned Native American nodded and left, while the other man didn’t move. Instead, he seemed to have something to say, but was reluctant to speak.

"What are you doing?" Marlin asked, creasing his brows.

Dutas cringed his nose and said, "Boss, those two, I know them—"

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"They are dancers under your cousin, Haris," Dutas said carefully. "Normally, they’ll take orders from Mr. Haris, and then they’ll set up some idiot blinded by lust."

Marlin creased his brows further. "D*mmit, so the one behind all of this was Haris?"

The video was found. Black Leopard came back and said, "Boss, that guy was indeed with another Chinese man. After betting a million, his Chinese companion snuck out."

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