206 Bid for the Loom

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Horseback riding was a sport that requires much skill, even for the small things like putting on the saddle.

Li Du conscientiously placed the saddle on the horse, but it still made Austin uncomfortable. The horse kept pacing around restlessly.

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Jones removed the saddle, and, after what seemed like a mindless fling, the saddle landed on Austin perfectly and steadily.

Austin was happily swinging his tail back-and-forth at a constant beat as Jones strapped up the saddle on him.

Li Du was impressed. "You’re good—this is very cool."

"Practice makes perfect," Jones laughed. "If you had been dealing with them for 30 years, you might be better than me. Okay young man, get on!"

As Li Du stepped on the stirrups, he felt a mixture of feelings: he was anxious, scared, and worried. What if the horse suddenly jumps or gallops away? he thought.

Li was just overthinking things. Besides the swinging tail, Austin stayed still as Li Du climbed onto the saddle.

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