537 Betting on Stones

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Raising the opal high, the man acted as though he were a movie star. He looked at the crowd proudly as he declared, "Hey, look at this precious gem—is anyone interested? I can sell it!"

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As his gaze swept around, he could not help laying his eyes on Sophie.

With a snigger, he said, "Hey babe, come over here. I've got something valuable to show you. You're sure to like it."

While Sophie fumed, Li Du answered dismissively, "What's so valuable? That worthless thing in your hand? It's just a muddy stone."

"You can be jealous all you want," the gem hunter answered smugly. "The more you say, the more jealous you are. A muddy stone? Haha! That's funny!"

The other gem hunters laughed. Someone teased, "Lad, you must not know the value. Come, Cyril, tell him the value of the stone!"

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