398 Berkshire

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He was slowly pulling his tail from the water before he wrenched it out, the tail looking like a furious lightning bolt at that moment. With a swoosh sound, it disappeared.

Ah Meow turned around and changed his position to face to the water with his body. Then, he swung his claws and caught the pikes.

He was growling. The clenched muscles of his front legs were very apparent; his tendons looked like steel. He caught the pikes and pulled them to the shore.

The counterattack had happened too quickly; the pikes hadn’t known how to respond, and they were dragged out from the water a second later.

Crispy Noodles immediately jumped on the pikes and scratched them with his claws. He opened his mouth and bit them quickly.

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Ah Meow pounded the head of the pikes with his front claws, leaving his back paws on the ground. He tilted his head. The way he held his head tall and opened his mouth to roar was just like a tiger in the forest!

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