562 Becoming a Pickpocket

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Although there was nothing valuable from the auction of storage units, Li Du was not discouraged. He shifted his focus and went to the Petrified Forest.

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Coincidentally, Dr. Sophie was given a short holiday. She initially wanted to go on vacation with Li Du, who had time and experience.

However, after being informed of Li Du's plan to search for fire opals in the Petrified Forest, she became interested. She changed her mind and wanted to accompany Li Du for one week.

While eating, she told Li Du her plan. Li Du shook his head and said, "Is that a good idea? It won't be interesting as I am going to Winslow for work. Let's relax for a few days. How about I accompany you to find a place to go on vacation?" 

Sophie shook her head repeatedly. "Truth be told, I don't have any particular place I would like to tour, and going to the Petrified Forest sounds great. I can give my brain a break and take a breather. It would definitely feel awesome."

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