1067 Beach Fight

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When he heard this, Li Du was shocked. Who could be so arrogant?

He looked back and saw a familiar face he had seen not long ago. It was Shawn!

Yes, Shawn, the young man who gave Ariana imitation jewelry but had his wrongdoing

revealed by Li Du. Li Du didn't expect to meet him here. What a small world Miami is.

Shawn was topless, and his well-built, muscular, tattooed torso was exposed. He strode

forward with a face full of hatred and an aggressive look.

Li Du casually glanced at him and smiled. "You didn't run away? Are you waiting for

Harry Winston's legal affairs team to deal with you?

Shawn said scornfully, "You won't scare me, I have asked a lawyer about this matter.

Harry Winston would only file a lawsuit against counterfeit manufacturing companies

and vendors. Customers would not be involved. That means I'm fine."

He looked at Li Du with a fierce and shady smile and went on. "However, you are in

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