787 Be a Hero in Australia

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"Hello, Mr. Fox. According to our investigation, the Australians hope that the court can give the criminals the toughest sanctions and resume the death penalty. What do you think about this?" one reporter asked.

Human trafficking groups had angered Australians across the country by using brutal methods to abduct and sell children, such as hiding them in radioactive waste dumps and using large doses of sleeping pills and tranquilizers.

In the eyes of the public, this was unforgivable. The harm they had caused to the four children was permanent.

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Indeed, the four children were still in the hospital, and one was still being treated for a brain injury.

Howard, the first to wake up, was also in bad condition. He had been severely frightened by being put in a closed box and still suffered from occasional mental tension.

The psychiatrist examined him and said he was suffering from claustrophobia.

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