990 Bazaar

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The drove over 10 kilometers north, passing a number of tent assembly sites on their way, and then, more tents appeared in front of them.

Their jeep stopped, and the soldiers went down first to make sure it was safe. Remonin got out of the car and waved. "Mr. Li, please come here."

Li Du saw an African bazaar in front of him, an open-air affair in the middle of a settlement.

There were no roads here, only dirt paths. Because of the dry season, there was a lot of sand and dust and they couldn't go forward, or the car would bring a lot of smoke and dust with it, and the market would not be able to operate.

Li Du took off his sunglasses and gave them to Brother Wolf. He went to Remonin and asked, "Those on the road are all your tribesmen?"

Remonin nodded. "Yes, they are."

Li Du wondered, "There is no lack of sand and soil here. Why don't you live in a house and not in this kind of tent?"

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