222 Battle of The Lunatics

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The exchange between the ocelot and the Rottweiler was very quick. Hans and the other treasure hunters couldn’t even clearly see the details of the fight.

But they had a rough understanding of what occurred. The Rottweiler was chased away, and immediately someone shouted, "My God, that cat is a monster!"

Someone scoffed and said, "Cat? That’s an ocelot! A top predator in the food chain! It’s capable of killing almost anything smaller and equal to its size!"

"The Rottweiler was lucky that it ran quickly. I’d bet, if it didn’t run, that ocelot would have killed it!"

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"Bullsh*t—don’t you know who that Rottweiler belongs to? That ocelot’s in trouble!"

Of course, Li Du could guess who the owner of that dog was: it had to be Frank.

Sure enough, after the Rottweiler retreated, the sound of Frank’s shouts came. "Doby! Doby! D*mn it, I’m gonna kill all of you! How dare you hurt my Doby! Ahhh!"

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