446 Barter Network

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A set of two knives, one was longer and another shorter. They were sophisticatedly made, different from other hunting knives.

Most of the sheaths were made of copper and were heavily decorated with metal so that they would look beautiful. In fact, these were heavy to hold and not very functional.

The sheaths of these pair of knives were made with hundred-year-old birch, and they were decorated with small horns and bones from animals. They were beautiful and functional. Apparently, they were also valuable.

Hans took him aside. "Do you like these knives?"

"Yes," Li Du nodded.

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"The hunting knives of The Hopi are very well-known and popular," Hans said. "They are considered artwork. Two's not enough; we shall bring 20 knives back home. This can definitely make a killing!"

"Okay," Li Du said, spreading his hands, "we will get 20 knives. Please tell me what we should use to buy them? Money? We need to barter, buddy!"

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