773 Baobab Tree

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The centipede dragged the lizard toward the beach, presumably trying to get down to the ground to eat the lizard. On the beach, it couldn't get in the sand with the lizard.

It twisted its colorful body and soon crawled to the nearest rock.

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Just then, in a puddle behind the reef, a big frog popped up. The frog was as big as a child's bicycle tire.

After it jumped, the frog opened its mouth and shot out its tongue towards the large centipede. The centipede and lizard were rolled up into its mouth for a quick snack. The frog returned to its puddle and hid. Only the frog's rough brown back was showing as it pretended to be a rock.

Right then, Li Du felt like he wanted to say, "Mom, I want to go home!"

He called Brother Wolf and the others, pointed to the puddle, and cried, "Look, there is a frog over there. D*mn it, he is a frog spirit!"

Hans said, "Calm down, Li, calm down. What's so terrible about frogs? Did you see a poison frog?"

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