485 Balloon Shooting

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Sophie beckoned him over and Crispy Noodles ran to her. On the way a tomato fell out of his pocket. He went back, grabbed the tomato and ran back again.

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The raccoon stopped in front of Sophie, stood up and gave her the little tomato. Then he went to Li Du, used his front paw and showed him the little gifts inside his pocket.

Seeing that, the lady doctor pretended to be angry and said, "Hey! Crispy Noodles, only one tomato for me and everything else for Li? I'm not going to like you anymore."

Crispy Noodles turned to blink at Sophie. Then he took out a stick of grilled corn for Li Du and showed Sophie his little gifts.

Sophie was amused and giggled. The people around her were amazed.

"What a sweet little raccoon!"

"If all raccoons are so well behaved, I wouldn't ever chase them away from my backyard!"

"This animal must have undergone extensive training. Otherwise, it would be impossible for it to perform an action like this."

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