1164 Back Again

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"You, you, you, are in… Antarctica?" Li Du's eyes widened.

A stream of buzzing was heard over the satellite phone and the voice became muffled. Steve seemed to have said a couple of phrases but Li Du could not hear his words clearly.

Li Du was stunned. This young man was daring. With a heart that had undergone bypass surgery, he dared to head over to the Antarctic?!

He found Steve to be a strange man. Steve was suffering from illness and should have stayed home in comfort to recuperate and undergo treatment.

However, Steve did not like staying in the city and was always out and about. He even enjoyed taking on risky adventures.

Li Du, on the other hand, had no interest in seeking out risks. His African trip could be considered as one of those risky adventures and he almost lost his life there.

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After a couple of broken phrases, Steve's voice finally became clearer over the phone. "Li, Li, Li, buzz-buzz, can you hear buzz-buzz, what I'm saying?"

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