487 Bachelors On Auction

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The two of them bought various kinds of snacks in the square. The festival drew in many tourists, and in turn attracted lots of food carts to the square.

Sophie preferred food with a lighter taste, such as boiled peanuts or corn with peppers and onions. Li Du ate quite a lot of food as he'd used the Time Deceleration ability during the balloon shooting.

Li had never eaten a lot in front of Sophie before. Therefore, he was slightly bashful about eating so much.

However, when the lady doctor noticed that Li Du had a good appetite, she was like an excited little girl and brought him around to buy different types of snacks.

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"Come, try an oyster egg roll. It was invented by the gold miners where they used flour-coated oysters, bacon, and eggs in a fried egg roll. They're delicious! I want some too!

"This fried potato cake is very good. Look, it's topped with curried carrot and turnip soup. Awesome! Let me have one!

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