758 Authenticity of The Harvesting Permit

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

As the officer's arm was placed behind the port of the boat after he sat inside the speedboat, Li Du was unable to see anything from the front of the boat. When the little bug looked down from the sky, it was able to see that the officer held a harvesting permit in his hand.

Of course, this seemed normal since Li Du had handed the harvesting permit over to the officer himself.

However, it was not as it seemed. The hand that the officer took Li Du's harvesting permit with was his left hand. Now, the hand that was placed behind the port side of the boat was his right hand. While his left hand held a harvesting permit, his right hand also held a harvesting permit!

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Seeing this, Li Du sensed that something was amiss. What dirty trick is this officer trying to pull?

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