604 Auction at the Bazaar

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The result of the game was set. Small Boy Kim looked unperturbed by it. 

He shrugged his shoulders and shoved his chips over to Li Du, before saying in a resentful tone, "If this were Texas Poker or Texas Holdem, I would definitely not lose."

Knight glanced at him with the same smile and blasted look in his eyes.

Li Du and the Playboy had won. Knight did not discredit the result and very calmly said, "Not bad, Akkalou, seems like you have found an amazing helper in your hometown. You win this time."

The Playboy breathed a sigh of relief before he cheekily grinned and said, "God is fair, how could I possibly keep on losing? Thank God for sending me a great helper. Goodbye, Li!"

It felt like he was casting Li Du aside after he had served his purpose. Requesting that he leave immediately after making use of him to achieve victory was undue, regardless of how Li Du looked at it.

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