291 Attending a Military Parade

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The crossbow was more user-friendly compared to firearms; it had relatively small recoil and the trajectory was easier to control.

Li Du aimed at the target and pulled the trigger—an arrow whizzed away.

In the blink of an eye, the arrow landed in a target located sixty feet away!

The employee applauded loudly.

This crossbow was equipped with a quiver that could hold eight arrows.

However, the self-loading speed was slow, taking about five to six seconds.

Li Du shot all eight arrows at the target. "The loading speed is a bit slow, but other than that it’s fine—dude this is cool."

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"If you’re looking for faster speed," said the employee, "You should change to marbles— shooting speed would be multiplied several times, and its loading speed is very fast."

The quiver was smaller, but it had a high capacity of 80 marbles; the loading speed was indeed much faster—in one second, it was loaded with a snap.

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