1299 Attack

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The Ice Sea Narwhal was a formidable ship as well, and with an irresistible drive, she set sail at full speed toward the iceberg.

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The captain drew the sign of a cross in despair, and shouted, "We are committing suicide! Pirates don't kill people, they just take goods! I'd rather give up my cargo and save my life!"

It went without saying that authorities had limited power at best in Siberia and in the Arctic. There were no laws in this place, and criminals basically did whatever they want.

If these were ordinary pirates who had no grievance against Li Du, there would be other ways for both sides to solve the problem, such as paying a passing fee.

However, the people in that pirate ship had a grudge against them, as two days before that Godzilla and the others slapped their faces without mercy. They would not easily give up on revenge.

Li Du did not want to pay a gang of criminals to let him go. He has become used to being in control of the situation.

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