726 Asking For Trouble

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At this time, Australia was still in the tail end of summer. Once they alighted from the plane, a wave of hot air rushed over. Furthermore, as Canberra was not considered far from the sea, the wave of hot air had water vapor and hence, was both hot and moist.

The weather here was pretty much the exact opposite of Flagstaff's. Flagstaff was cold and dry whereas this place was hot and humid.

Poor Big Quinn, who was worried that his children might be cold, had put woolen sweaters on them. As such, they started perspiring right after alighting from the plane.

The three children were as black as coal. As there was air conditioning in the plane, the temperature was low and they felt fine. However, with them standing under the sun and wearing woolen sweaters, the scorching sun was burning them like a fire.

"Daddy, it's very hot," his younger daughter, Suzanna, said weakly.

Big Quinn wiped his face and said, "It's even hotter for me!"

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