362 Asking for Trouble

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The doors of Iron Knight opened, and two daunting men of large build hopped out.

The three noisy lads immediately quieted down.

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From their view in the car, Li Du noticed that one of the men had an angular, clean-cut, chiseled face. His body was full of well-developed muscles—his T-shirt looked ready to tear apart from pressure any moment. He had a lot of body hair, and his intimidating aura breathed violence.

The other man Li Du focused on looked savage. He was bald and his eyes emitted a brutal stare; his arms were stout and muscular, looking like the trunks of old poplar trees. When his hands became fists, they looked like hammers instead.

At that instant, the arrogance of the young men was extinguished. They looked panicky at the two huge men and hurriedly tried to board the SUV, wanting to get away as soon as possible.

Li got down from the truck and stopped the young men. "Who said that I’m an Asian ch*nk? And wants to break my *ss?"

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