477 As Stable As a Rock

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After he finished inspecting the 11 storage units, Li Du revealed a slight smile.

Lu Guan was a sharp fella; when he saw Li Du returning to the car with a smile, he instantly asked, "There's something good here, right? You discovered something valuable."

Li Du looked at him and said, "You're so sharp. How is it possible that you haven't made a name for yourself at the auction market?" This fella had a sharp mind, was a smooth talker, and had better listening abilities than most. The auction market should serve as a good platform for him to perform.

Lu Guan was unconcerned about this and shrugged. "Who knows? Perhaps God thinks that I should lead a simple life."

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The two of them found a hotel in Scottsdale to spend the night. Li Du called Hans. "Drive here with Godzilla and Big Quinn. It's not bad here."

Hans asked, "Should we bring Turis and the rest? These guys always stay at our site to hang."

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