679 As A Gift

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As the phonograph had regained its popularity, many modern music companies started to produce this type of machines again.

The traditional phonograph could only be used to play vinyl records, while the modern phonograph was actually a music-broadcasting instrument modeled after a phonograph such as a CD player, USB player, SD card player, AM/FM radio and so on.

Hans said, "This is obviously a traditional phonograph, but for two grand? Ha, it's not as though some celebrity used it previously. Who would pay so much for it?"

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The auctioneer also knew this, so he deliberately dramatized the description of the item. "Okay, 2,500 dollars, 2,500 dollars, 2,500 dollars. That's not a high price, folks. What comes to mind when you hear this music? Does it make you recollect the entanglement between Ben and Mrs. Robinson? You know, there was a phonograph in front of them at that time . . . "

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