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Li Du thought that what Hans said about work was just an excuse. He wanted to create opportunities for Porter and Ariana.

It turned out that was not the case, however. Hans really has his own agenda.

The next morning, after breakfast, Hans began to spread suntan oil all over his body, careful not to miss any spot.

"Are you going to sunbathe?" asked Porter, who was taking care of his comic book.

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Hans said with a smile, "I'm going to the Southern Beach Esplanade, not to sunbathe, but to take part in the activities."

Still puzzled, Porter asked, "Southern Beach Esplanade? It's a gathering place for bike racers. What can you possibly have to do there?"

Li Du saw Hans' cunning look, and he knew he must be up to no good.

He was right. Hans didn't elaborate, but Porter quickly looked it up on the Internet and said, "Oh my god, it's a topless swim. Are you joining in?"

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