891 Arrival of the Real God

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Li Du watched the parade of cars curiously. It was obvious that whoever was inside was not just any man. Treasure hunters were not showoffs, and they had no power to be showoffs anyway. In his mind, there were only superstars, rich men, or senior officials who would use such a car parade.

When the parade of cars arrived a few men got down. They were all hunks dressed in black suits and black sunglasses. After they appeared they stood around the cars, watching their surroundings carefully.

But the main person in the car did not come for a while. Li Du waited for quite some time curiously, but the main person still did not appear. By this time Bell was waving at him at the door, so he walked inside.

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The charity event was very simple. They were going to give their presents that they brought for the people in the slum. The people in the slum would be fulfilled by the materialistic gain, and they would be fulfilled by the spiritual gain. To each it's own.

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