230 Arrival of the Actress

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Using the bug’s vision to examine this battle vehicle was different from seeing it with his own eyes.

When the vehicle was upright, it gave off an impactful aura. Compared to when it was lying in amongst the boxes, it appeared much more powerful.

After seeing the Batpod at a closer range, just like the other treasure hunters, Li Du unconsciously sucked in a breath of cool air. He couldn’t resist saying, "D*mn it, what the hell is this!"

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Godzilla shrugged and said, "Boss, this is the vehicle."

Hans sprinted like the wind, jumped, and flew onto the motorcycle. Due to the design of the Batpod, he sprawled onto the motorcycle in a stupid-looking manner.

However, his demeanor was imposing. He opened his mouth and thundered, "Bruce Wayne has arrived! The light of Gotham City has arrived! With me here, the night of Gotham will never belong to the darkness!"

"What the hell are you doing?" Li Du yelled.

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