1250 Armed

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The Black Snake was a nickname that Jonas Malone gave himself in Siberia, and Bryant was one of the many names he used.

It was easier to maintain a false identity this way, so the people would not show their real names to others, preferring to call each other by nicknames.

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Because many ivory hunters were fugitives who had ended up in Siberia, they had closely guarded secret in their past, and the business was notoriously shady.

The young man looked at the picture again and said, "Yes, Black Snake, I know the man. What's wrong? What do you want with him?"

Li Du said, "Nothing is wrong. I just wanted to make a fortune together with him."

He snapped his fingers. Brother Wolf opened his suitcase and took out a bunch of green hundred-dollar bills. He put them on the table. The breath of the men around them became heavy when they saw the stack of bills on the table.

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