902 Appointment

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The Apple-1 was something that could be sold for a lot of money either at auction or to a passionate collector. Otherwise, people wouldn't pay that much for a useless machine.

Li Du wanted to ask for help putting the machine up for auction. Hans shook his head and smiled. "I'm Big Fox. It's time to show off Big Fox's connections."

He went to make a phone call, and when he came back, he said easily, "Ok, somebody is willing to buy it for $650,000. We'll send the machine over."

Shocked, Li Du asked, "Are you kidding me? To whom did you sell it?"

It was amazing that Hans could sell the machine so quickly.

"That's the powerful relationship of Big Fox. You've only seen part of it. If I show you all the energy, it will burn your soul!" said Hans proudly.

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Lu Guan, who was beside him, gave a growl. "Aha!"

Li Du looked at and asked, "Why is your throat inflamed?"

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