1259 Antlers

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This was trouble!

Looking at the mud that almost reached Li Du's thighs, the people were really frightened. Driver threw the rope aside and said, "I'll try bringing the car over. Boss, tie the rope around your waist, I don't believe I can't pull you out!"

Ah Meow and the others were also very worried. Ah Meng looked at Li Du and then at the mud underneath him. Then it ran to him and started digging with its limbs.

Bogs were viscous, semi-solid. They did change shape, but at a moderate rate, and they didn't fill up quickly when they were dug up.

Ah Meng was very good at digging. He was strong and had long thick claws, which made him very capable at this work.

It took some trying at first, but when it went on easily.

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