1166 Antarctic Ice

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Wilkes Land was a vast ice field. It was first visited by an American named Wilkes from 1838 to 1842 and was named after him.

Li Du did not know much about the place. He had the guts to go there because he wanted to give Steve some respect.

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Li Du had never been to Antarctica. He felt that the southernmost continent was just a piece of white ice, desolate and cold.

However, according to the pamphlet, it was not cold in this region of the Antarctic in the daytime, and the temperature could hover around zero degrees Celsius. Wearing ordinary winter clothes would keep one warm.

Of course, during an ice storm, the temperatures would drop a lot, but fortunately, ice storms were very rare in the summer season.

The main items on the brochure list were clothing, sunscreen, and other daily necessities. To live in the Antarctic, one needed a down jacket, waterproof pants and gloves, sweaters, warm caps, and sunglasses.

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