224 Another Highest Bid of the Day

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In fact, even without using the special ability of the bug he could tell they were imitations. These bikes looked too new. The vehicles in the movie had scratches all over their paint due to the collisions, and looked much older.

The bikes were covered with a tarp, so it was hard to discern what they really were from the outside.

Li Du queued up with his viewing team, the second last group. When it was their turn to view, he let the bug out.

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At the same time, he turned back to face Frank and his men. "Prepare to eat sh*t later," he sneered.

Frank glared at him viciously. "You only have thirty more seconds—buzz off!"

Without needing thirty seconds, Li Du controlled the bug and had it absorb the time of one of the motorcycles.

Soon, the coat of paints from the bikes started to peel off, and the original clear windshields aged to a pale yellow.

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