1068 Another Car

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Seeing that Li Du and Shawn were about to fight, the car racers got excited.

Someone came forward to organize the crowd of spectators. He told them to take a few

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steps backwards, and a fighting arena was drawn up. Another person shouted, "Place

your bets, place your bets" and took out an IPad to make records.

The youths participated enthusiastically:

"I'm betting on Shawn, five hundred dollars!"

"I'm putting my bet on that Chinese buddy, he knows Kungfu!"

"Hey, Chinaman, you must win, I bet eight hundred dollars on you!"

Li Du took off his jacket and assumed his combat position. Then he wriggled his index

finger, taunting Shawn, and said, "Sure, if you want to die, I will bury you. Don't blame

others for your death."

Shawn glared at him menacingly, taking slow steps in his direction. Then he aimed a

punch at Li Du.

Shawn's punch was meant to test Li Du. It was a 'pathfinder' move in boxing. Although

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