1226 Annoying

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"Ah, Brother Nan, you took my radio to listen to the World Cup and did not return it to me. Where is it now?"

"Boss Li, don't you go to the NBA a lot in America? Have you seen Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant?"

"Henry is about to retire, assholes. I have not watched the NBA for a while and all the stars I knew had retired."

"Ask the waiter if they have fried sausages. Order one if they have it."

In the noisy atmosphere, from evening until late night, they were all drunk, and many of them had vomited several times.

Looking at the time, Du Zheng Nan stood up and said, "Come, brothers and sisters, let's all raise our wine glasses and cheer! Hope our friendship lasts forever! Cheers!"

After toasting, they asked the waiter to take a group picture and then helped each other to walk out.

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