1220 Ancient Paintings

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Li Du smiled and shook his head. "This report is for their students. It doesn't have that much influence."

Sophie listened in silence until the middle-aged man went away disappointed. She asked in surprise, "Did I hear him right? He wants to tear this place down?"

Mr. and Mrs. Martin had been praising the charms of these ancient buildings, so Li Du did not say much about their unpopularity in his county.

Their county was a small place, not popular either as an academic subject or a tourist spot. These ancient buildings, therefore, were not a source of economic value.

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The government was not keen on demolition. They decided to tear down some old houses and buildings more than a decade or two ago in order to expand the urban area, attract investment, and develop the economy.

However, they weren't the only ones doing it. Many other county governments were also doing it. Some valuable ancient buildings in big cities were torn down as well.

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