388 Ancestral Craft

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Because they had both continued speaking in Mandarin, Hans and the others did not understand what they were talking about.

When Chen Haonan walked away to get some beverages, Hans asked impatiently, "What were you chatting about?"

Li Du sighed, "You don’t want to know—you’d want to beat this chap up."

Annoyed, Hans asked, "He despises whites like me?’

Li Du said, "It was just that he couldn’t stop cracking jokes—many jokes which I don’t understand!"

He felt that Chen Haonan was like a giant baby: someone who looked like an adult but still had a child’s soul. This had caused him to develop a weird charm, and that helped him to gain people’s trust easily. In any case, Li Du had strangely enjoyed chatting with him.

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It was a strange feeling—there were many unexplainable things exist in this world.

They rested while drinking the beverages.

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