150 An Unusually Good Impression

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The kitchen in Sophie’s home was very clean, just like how her appearance was. Elegant, refined, and pure.

But Li Du could tell that the stove was often used, and this could also be picked out from what she said: "Do you need me to help out? I’m pretty good with a knife."

Li Du said, "No, no. You can just rest outside… Well, that was just a formality. Actually, it would be great if you wanted to help."

Sophie pursed her lips and smiled. She washed her hands and asked, "What should I do?"

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Li Du said, "First, let me introduce the dishes I would like to make, and see if it suits your taste. It will mostly be vegetables. I think since you’ve been a surgeon for some time, you’ll probably be less interested in meat."

The female doctor nodded vigorously and said, "Yes, yes, you’re correct."

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