202 An Unusual Neighbor

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After he walked around the barren land, Li Du realized that the area was quite big, about twenty hectare, almost half that of the farm.

He asked, "How much is the rental?"

"Twenty thousand dollars a year."

Li Du was surprised. "So the rent is less than 2,000 dollars a month. It’s less than 100 dollars for a hectare per month? This is just like the Alaska purchase!"

It was an amazing deal when America purchased Alaska. The Russian government sold this 580,000-square-mile piece of land to the U.S for only 7,000,000 dollars.

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"The state government has just developed this land," Hans said. "It’s not conducive for a plantation, and they cannot build a factory here. If the rental is not low enough, no one will rent this place."

Li Du asked, "Is there a problem with us putting our trash here?"

"Just clear the place when the term of the lease ends," Hans said, "and do not pollute the land. I assume there’s no problem with that, right?"

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