649 An Unusual Discovery

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The little bug flew into Hughes's pants pocket and found a mobile phone in there.

It was not a Samsung phone, but an Apple iPhone instead.

The little bug continued to fly upwards into Hughes's shirt pocket, and found another mobile phone—it was also an Apple iPhone.

It appeared that Hughes was not the one using machines to excavate the gems. Keeping a straight face, Li Du continued his search for the mobile phone.

There were not many people present, so it was not difficult to conduct the search.

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The little bug had searched all the gem hunters' pockets but had not found a single Samsung mobile phone. Obviously, based on this, the person responsible was not a gem hunter.

He was perplexed. Could it be that the person who used the machine last night is not here?

This would be unusual. The person probably wouldn't make his escape until traces of the crime had been found. He would stay to observe things and gather news. 

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