416 An Unexpected Visitor

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York was worried and asked, "Those Native Americans, they won’t be bashing us up, right?"

Li Du waved his hands. "They won’t. I told them specifically that we only deal with the traitor. You both are friends from California, why would they beat you up?"

His goal was achieved: he had successfully changed the topic to Rick getting bashed by the casino thugs. He had vaguely mentioned it to mislead them into thinking he had ordered the Native Americans to beat up Rick. Of course, he was the one responsible for Rick being beaten up, but his relationship with the Native Americans was different from what they were imagining.

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These did not know the truth and were frightened.

This was a carrot and stick tactic. When Li Du invited them over for the party, both of them gave it a thought before agreeing to attend; even the hot-tempered Frank did not refuse the invitation.

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