1094 An Interesting Toy

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Out of all the warehouses in the prison auction, the warehouse that was of real value was number seven. It was the one that Li Du had taken down.

However, it was not worth a lot. The prison had been very stingy and had done a thorough check previously when they were organizing the warehouse. They had kept the most valuable items for themselves.

The situation of warehouse number seven was similar to that of number one. Li Du had discovered some useful things for himself, items that could not be found on the market.

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Tracing behind Hans, he walked over to the warehouse. A table stood there, and the side of the table had marks of being cut open.

"What did you find inside?" Li Du asked curiously.

Hans teased him, "Found a fart."

Then, Hans changed his tone. "However, we found an interesting item in the warehouse."

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