610 An Idea, Risk It  

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A phone was thrown in front of him. With the speakers on, he entered the phone number and called.

Li Du obediently called Hans's phone. Once the phone rang, the line was immediately connected and Li Du said, "Hey, it's me."

There was a short moment of silence from the other end before Hans's voice was heard. "Hey brother, you wandered off alone again? Did you go to a casino or did you go and pick up girls?"

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Hearing those words, Li Du knew Hans had noticed that he was in a predicament.

This was the reason he dropped his phone along his pants and onto the floor earlier. As Hans understood him well, he knew that Li Du would not leave the premises of the storage company alone and was even less likely to carelessly lose his phone.

Besides a phone, there was also a computer in front of Li Du, which the man was rapidly typing into. Li Du answered Hans in accordance with the instructions on the computer screen.

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