197 An Annoying Fly

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The treasure hunters lined up to enter the first house.

Freddy was first in line, chatting happily with a few treasure hunters. It seemed that he was rather popular and had good relationships with many treasure hunters.

Bart was there too, but he was at the back of the line, sometimes stealing a glance at Li Du and Hans. His expression was full of hatred and resentment.

When the treasure hunters came out of the first house, most of them were shaking their heads.

"Sh*t, we came to the wrong place. There’s only garbage inside."

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"The house has been cleared of all valuables. Do they think we’re janitors?"

"Well, we can remove the windows and doors; they still look sturdy and good."

The house had a sofa set, a TV cabinet, and kitchen cabinets.

But the treasure hunters were right; everything in it was practically trash. One would most likely break-even or earn peanuts selling this house.

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