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"Have you met my dad before?" Sophie asked in surprise.

Li Du tried very hard to think about it. "I really feel like he’s familiar, but I have no memory at all. What does he mean that we have been together for a long time?"

Sophie frowned in annoyance. "God bless, why is he talking nonsense today?"

The little old man was very energetic. He ran into the kitchen and smiled at the two of them. His eyes curved into crescent moon-like shape, emanating an unspeakable, strange feeling.

Looking into his eyes, Li Du suddenly realized why he felt so familiar!

On the second day after the bugs entered the brain of Ah Meow, he went to the city park to look for stray cats and dogs, intending to carry out an experiment. In the end, he saw Sophie was feeding the animals.

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Later, when he was about to leave, he had almost fainted after using up too much energy because of the bug. This little man had helped and ridiculed him.

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