437 An Accidental Success

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There were not many people out and about, but these shops were still opened; the proprietors were all Native Americans.

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Li Du did not have a good impression of Native Americans. This was not just because Marlin and Harris had given him trouble over at the casino, but also because he had been blackmailed by Native American students when he had first arrived at school.

But over here, the Native American proprietors were welcoming. Upon seeing that they had driven over, a lady walked out and waved at them. "You guys have gone the wrong way, this road is closed."

Hans removed his sunglasses and got out from the car. "Yes Mam, we did not receive the news. But God must have led us here so that we could meet you folks."

The lady laughed, "Come get a drink and some rest. In fact, this road had been closed for a few days already—did you not see the notices everywhere? Oh, you guys are tourists?"

"In a way," Hans said. "So, what's up with the bridge?"

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