294 An Accidental Mistake

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Hans was shocked; he asked, "You want to hire him?"

Li Du nodded. "Yes, I want to expand the business. Godzilla can’t do everything himself."

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Godzilla raised his chest. "No problem, boss."

Li Du said it in a different way: "We can’t tire Godzilla out."

Godzilla sniffled, "Thank you, boss."

Big Quinn looked at Li Du with hesitation. "Thank you for your recognition, Boss Li. But I need to pay my mortgage. I need insurance, I have—"

"That’s simple," Hans said. "We’ll register our company. Then we’ll get you insurance, alright? And regarding your salary, we’ll give you double your current pay. What do you think? "

Big Quinn was still hesitant. "Well, I work many part-time jobs. The reason why I chose to be a cleaner is because I have free time during the day. I can use my time off to work part-time jobs, like a construction worker, porter..."

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