264 American-Style BBQ

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One reason that this cabin was better than regular new houses was that the furniture and building materials had all been cleansed of any chemical odors from the construction.

Thus, after the cabin was set up, with some easy tidying, they could start staying in it.

Stephen had been right: it had taken about seven hours to build the prefab home. The materials came in the morning, and by evening, it had turned into a wonderful cabin.

By setting up a new cabin, according to social rules, they had to organize a party to celebrate.

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The Chinese did pretty much the same as well. Back at home, Li Du’s hometown called it a "housewarming."

However, it was not like they had bought a big house. All they did was set up a small cabin. It didn’t make sense to throw a big party, so they just called over some of the people they were close to.

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