111 All Very Satisfied

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The Japanese buffet restaurant that Hans had recommended was The Genda Family's Tasting Room. Very renowned in Phoenix, it offered high-end Japanese food in buffet-style.

After paying 300 dollars upon entering the restaurant, the three of them started to pile all sorts of Japanese food onto their table:

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Sea urchin chawanmushi, fresh sea urchin, baked oysters, tiger shrimp balls, tuna sashimi, hairy crab sushi, mackerel sushi, Japanese tiger prawns…

Teriyaki eel and teriyaki lobster, grilled saury, grilled oysters, grilled scallops, eel sushi roll, all kinds of sushi, all kinds of cold noodles, all kinds of sashimi…

Hans only ate a little before dedicating himself to his specialized job to bring over all types of food without stopping, like a hardworking worker ant.

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