799 Ali

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"What the hell is that?" Li Du was startled.

Lu Guan, who had just walked behind the car, looked frightened. He said, "Boss, is this a facehugger? Oh god, isn't this a facehugger?"

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Li Du stared at him and said angrily, "Go away!"

The facehugger was a monster in the Hollywood movie, "Alien." When they saw humans, they jumped on their faces, held their heads, and then entered their mouths like parasites.

The thing that jumped into Li Du's arms was clearly a small kangaroo. Lu Guan had just been messing around.

Li Du pulled the kangaroo out of his arms. It had short brown hair, long pointed ears, and big, shiny eyes.

"What's the matter?" Godzilla couldn't resist asking.

"This is a red kangaroo," Brother Wolf said. "What's missing is a female red kangaroo. When the female red kangaroo is attacked by predators and endangered, it will throw the baby kangaroo out of its pouch to divert attention from its predators so that it can escape."

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