723 Ahwoo, Wuff Wuff Wuff

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In the end, the terms that they had agreed on were that besides Li Du, everyone else was allowed to bring along their family members but not their pets.

Since Hans had not brought his family members overseas for a vacation before, he wanted to do so this time around and decided to bring along his younger sister, Hannah, and his brother-in-law, Stephen Chandler.

Lu Guan was very displeased. "This is animal discrimination. You guys are discriminating against dogs!"

Li Du shook his head. "No, we aren't discriminating against dogs."

Lu Guan stared angrily at them. "In that case, why can't I bring Little Plane?"

Li Du exclaimed helplessly, "Who the f*ck goes overseas for a vacation and still brings along their dogs? I will find someone to look after it for you, ok?"

"Why then, do you bring along a wolf, ocelot, and raccoon? That is more out of the ordinary." Lu Guan continued to stare angrily at them.

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Li Du replied, "Because I'm the boss!"

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